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Study Permit

Canada ranks 3rd for the most international students in the world.

Why is that?

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INCLUSIVITY AND SECURITY. Canada is one of the most welcoming countries for new immigrants. Crime rates are also low. Students are drawn to its inclusive culture and safe environment for learning and living.

WORLD-CLASS LEARNING INSTITUTIONS. Many Canadian Universities are among the best in the world at research, innovation, and education. Community Colleges and Polytechnic Institutions provide up-to-date instruction of soft-skills, practical and relevant knowledge employers needed in the modern workplace. Graduates gain an edge to advancing their career in Canada, and abroad.

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WORK PART-TIME WHILE STUDYING. Full-time students at DLIs are allowed to work part-time during academic sessions to further support living expenses, and integrate into the Canadian Labour Market before graduating.

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PATH TO PERMANENT RESIDENCY. Eligible graduates can pursue several immigration pathways after graduation such as Provincial Nominee Programs, the Atlantic Immigration Program, or Express Entry. Completing international studies can open doors to acquire Permanent Residency in Canada

Get a fresh start, obtain a new credential, acquire Canadian Work Experience, have a great career, and the ability to immigrate to Canada on your own terms!

Are you outside Canada and looking for a way to come and immigrate?

Are you currently in Canada and would like to stay and study?

Do you want to pursue a new career, acquire new skills, earn a credential, and gain meaningful learning experiences?


Do you want to grow and broaden your career?

What if your family can accompany you while studying in Canada?

General requirements for a Study permit:

  • Letter of Acceptance from a Designated Learning Institution

  • Minimum Available funds to pay for 1st year tuition, and living expenses and round-trip transportation cost 

  • Show evidence of financial means to pay for expenses in Canada for the whole duration of studies

  • You must demonstrate that your intention to study is genuine.

Interested to study in Canada?

Click here and book a consultation to:

  • Assess your eligibility and get answers NOW.

  • Plan ahead for studies with the right advice;

  • Connect with schools/DLIs where graduates are eligible for Post-Graduate Work Permits; 

  • Apply with a comprehensive Personal Study Plan and a complete submission package;

  • Get continuous support from a Study Permit, Post-Graduation Work Permit, to acquiring Permanent Residence.

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